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Brandon Senn,
VP of Athlete Experience at Kabuki Strength, United States
"We love the way Angles 90 fit in your hand and the versatility the system allows for. With a single pair of grips our athletes can easily switch between exercises and command greater control of their movements due to the unique contour of the handles."
Kim Grandhal Papsø
Founder Active Aid, Denmark
"Angles90 fits right into our mindset and product portfolio as well. At active aid we stand for improving movement quality and enhancing performance. Angles90 is a simple and genius piece of training accessory that gives the user the opportunity to move as the body is designed to.
We love the fit how a great product is matching our training philosophy."
Ben Clarke
Co-Founder GymPin, UK
“Working with Angles 90 was an easy decision when we were looking to expand our product range. Their handles pair well with some of our products and stocking the Angles 90s has definitely added value to our brand.
The team is always on hand to help with any issues that may arise and we look forward to working together in the future."
Marry Morales,
President, On Repeat Sports Inc. United States
"Angles90 grips are one of those “Why didn’t I think of that,” products, simple and elegant in design and so functional. Our goal at On Repeat Sports is to improve the strength training experience by introducing lifters to the best equipment from around the world. As a lifter who’s dealt with shoulder and elbow issues, I fell in love with Angles90 grips at first sight and was buying them as gifts for friends and family before becoming an authorized dealer. Being able to offer a product that prevents injuries while improving performance doesn’t feel like selling. It feels like I’m sharing a secret that will make my customers' lives better."

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